1) Can management of a company such as Research in Motion (RIM) use cycle time and cycle efficiency as useful measures of performance? What would be another useful measure?2) Assume you are preparing for a second interview with a manufacturing company. The company manufactures customer-order holiday decorations and display items. During your first interview, you learned that the managers are not currently pleased with the timeliness of information and inventory measurements.Discuss both A) what type of cost accounting system this company should use, and B) the documents that you would recommend as part of the cost accounting system3). Can services be delivered by means of process operations? Support your answer with an example4) Please define each of the following terms, direct manufacturing item, indirect manufacturing item, variable manufacturing overhead, fixed manufacturing verhead, pre-determined manufacturing overhead, pre-determined manufacturing overhead rate, and the base for pre-determined manufacturing overhead rate. Then discuss if predetermined manufacturing overhead rate depends on production level. Provide examples to clarify and support your argument.5)Period manufacturing operations of a company requires 5,000 pounds in direct materials and 3,000 hours of direct labor. Unit direct material cost is $100 per pound, and unit direct labor cost is $80 per hour. Estimated overhead is $50 per each hour of direct labor. Provide the period manufacturing costs statement.Ensure to give intext citation with 3 reference using APA style Ensure that all questions asked has a direct and clear answer.