Discussion Board I have to post a thread and answer 2 question on the Discussion BoardFirst Q1-Based on your readings and experience, compare and contrast how health care emergency management evolved before 9/11 to its evolution after 9/11.second Q2-Why has the scope of healthcare emergency management grown so dramatically? Will the growth continue?**Important things about this writing1- Has to be an APA style2- Around 500 words would be great3- references**********************************************************************You can use these referencesThese the reading that assigned to us to readReilly, M., &Markenson, D. S. (2010). Health Care Emergency Management: Principles and PracticeChapter 1: Principles of Emergency Management for Healthcare FacilitiesBarbera J.A., M. A. G., &Yeatts, D. J. (2009). Challenge of hospital emergency preparedness: Analysis and recommendations. Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness, 3(1), 74-82. http://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2FDMP%2FDMP3_S1%2FS193578930000207Xa.pdf&code=56632593c6e64cedbe3d4e84592ebdd3Sauer, L. M., McCarthy, M. L., Knebel, A., & Brewster, P. (2009). Major influences on hospital emergency management preparedness and disaster preparedness. Disaster Med Public Health Preparedness, 3(1), S68-S73. http://journals.cambridge.org/download.php?file=%2FDMP%2FDMP3_S1%2FS1935789300002068a.pdf&code=d5c11b3d75cfe198f111c69b82140018