43.In a free market economy, producers take the money they earn from selling products and use it to buy the things they want and need.TrueFalse44.When there is a shortage, producers raise the price of the good so that demand will be lowered.TrueFalse45.Medicare is one redistribution program.TrueFalse46.The U.S. Treasury conducts check clearing services for all banks in the country.TrueFalse47.Expansionary polices involve increasing spending and cutting taxes.TrueFalse48.When a market is in equilibrium, the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied is equal.TrueFalse49.When the quantity demanded for a good is elastic, it means the demand for the product is not influenced by price changes.TrueFalse50.Some corporations sell shares of stock to the public.TrueFalse51.The structural approach is used to calculate Gross Domestic Product.TrueFalse52.Unemployment has no effect on the economy.TrueFalse53.Unemployment rates nearest zero are not desirable in the economy.TrueFalse54.Nominal GDP is calculated using unchanging prices.TrueFalse55.Unemployment can force the economy into an expansion.TrueFalse