1.One of Benny Goodman’s most famous pieces was “Take My Hand Precious Lord.”TrueFalse2.Benny Goodman was a clarinetist, bandleader and jazz musician, who was known as the “King of Swing.”TrueFalse3._ created the first black gospel publishing company and was the founder of the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.____________________4.Where did Thomas A. Dorsey study theory and piano?In GeorgiaIn AtlantaIn ChicagoIn Los Angeles5.In Chicago, Benny Goodmanbegan to write gospel music after heattended the National Baptist Convention and heard the religious hymns.TrueFalse6.Thomas A. Dorsey, after two nervous breakdowns, decided to dedicate himself to __.performing jazz and as a bandleader.performing jazz and blues.performing church music.performing the clarinet.7.Which of the following sentences corresponds to Thomas A. Dorsey’s music career. Identify all that apply.“Take My Hand Precious Lord” was written in 1932 by him.He toured the United States, Europe, the Far East and South America.His compositions were a mixture of secular blues with sacred texts.Béla Bartók wrote his 1938 composition “Contrasts for clarinet-violin-piano trio” for him at the request of Joseph Szigeti.8.Which of the following sentences corresponds to Benny Goodman`s music career? Select all that apply.He became choir director at the Pilgrim Baptist Church leaving behind his blues and jazz days.He was able to renew his music through changing his band styles from big band to trios and quartets.Aaron Copland wrote a clarinet concert for him.He created a publishing company, Dorsey House of Music.9.As a clarinetist,Thomas A.Dorsey explored the harmony of the clarinet using its entire range.TrueFalse10.Which of the following bands performed the first jazz concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938? Select all that apply. Duke Ellington and his band.King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band.Count Basie and his band.Benny Goodman and his band.11.As a jazz clarinetist, Benny Goodman took the instrument to unprecedented heights, influencing both jazz and classical clarinet playing.TrueFalse12.Which of the following classical music composer wrote music forBenny Goodman? Select all that apply.Carl OrffPaul HindemithAaron CoplandZoltán Kodály13.Zoltán Kodálycomposed a Clarinet Concert forBenny Goodmanwhich the Philadelphia Orchestra premiered with Eugene Ormandy conducting and Goodman on the clarinet.TrueFalse14.Which of the following musicians were included in Goodman’s Band? Select all that apply:Gene Krupa on drumsSallie Martin and Mahalia Jackson as singersFletcher Henderson as pianist and arrangerLionel Hampton on vibraphone15.The words used inThomas A. Dorsey gospel’s compositionswere about hope and affirmation.TrueFalse16.Which of the following stars has performedThomas A. Dorsey’s song,“Take My Hand Precious Lord” ? Select all that apply.Frank SinatraElvis PresleyAretha FranklinBeyonce17.Which of the following gospel songs were written byThomas A. Dorsey? Select all that apply.”Swing Low, Sweet Chariot””Peace In the Valley””Search Me Lord””Oh Happy Day”18._’s musical career began with his playing for parties under the name of “Barrelhouse Tom” or “Georgia Tom.”____________________19.At the age of 14, _ was part of a band with Bix Beiderbecke.____________________