BUSN 1320 Project 1Students are to create the projects listed below in Microsoft Word 2010, 2013 or 2016. Students are to reference the textbook chapters, textbook examples, chapter PowerPoint presentations, and Internet to complete projects. Students are to label each project at the left margin one space after the last entry has been typed on the document. Students are to label documents as follows: project number, course number, and student’s name.Assignment 1: Create an Organizational Chart To Identify A Company’s Formal Communication Network.Identify the three types of communication that makes up an organization’s formal communication network. Think of an organization where you have recently worked or research a company. Create an organization chart for two or three levels of employees. Then add arrows to identify the three directions of the formal communication network. Organizationchart should be similar to that in Figure 3 (Starbucks p. 8) that demonstrates the levels of employees. Assignment 2:Use Inclusive LanguageRevise the following sentences to eliminate biased language.a. The mayor opened contract talks with the union representing local policemen.b. While the salesmen are at the convention, their wives will be treated to a tour of the city’s landmarks.c. Our company gives each foreman the day off on his birthday.d. Our public relations director, Heather Marshall, will ask her young secretary, Bonita Carwell, to take notes during the president’s speech.e. Neither Mr. Batista nor his secretary, Doris Hawkins, had met the new family.Use Gender-Neutral LanguageIdentify at least one gender-neutral word for each of the following words. Place the gender-neutral word next to the original word.a. Policemanb. Clergymanc. Firemand. Salesmane. Mailmanf. Bellmang. Handymanh. Repairmani. WaiterAssignment 3:Format A LetterYou have just finished collecting donations for the American Cancer Society. To thank people for donating, you will send individual letters. Using guidelines in the Reference Manual, format your letter. Write the letter with the correct format using all parts of the letter (date, addresses, salutation, and closing. You should create your own letterhead with generic address, telephone, etc.Page | 2