. Discuss possible negative reactions to people with physical disabilities, negative feelings about themselves, and factors that may result in greater acceptance of people with physical disabilities. People attitudes absolutely have power on how children with physical disabilities accept themselves. If the community reaction is fear, refusal or discrimination, these children will be shy, shamed, isolated and trying to hide their stigmatizing differences. Negative feelings are learned responses; children will feel guilty or they have limitation only if their families have redacted so. For example, l have Vitiligo around my body but I have never felt shame or shy towards myself. I don’t see it as problem at all and this because of my family. My family did not point to me make it as it’s the end! So, children reactions to their own physical disabilities are largely a reflection of how others see them. When a society see children with physical disabilities just like everyone else, children and youths with disabilities will be encouraged to become independent, productive members of society. Government and social media have a great role on how they feel about themselves. Government should makes specific law to help them. Government should encourage every town and every institution put accommodations to help them. Also, children with physical disabilities need law that states companies and institutions must employ them as everyone else.