1. A viral infection has damaged a patient’s spinothalamic, corticospinal, and posterior column-medial lemniscus tract.What are these pathways or tracts and their functions in the CNS, and what are some signs exhibited by the patient that will help you, as her doctor, to accurately diagnose the problem and the cause of the infection? 2. (A). A viral infection has damaged a patient’s tectospinal tract. What signs of this damage probably helped the physicians diagnose the problem? 2 (B). What are the different classifications of Sensory receptors? Provide and describes two example of each. Since sensory receptors and neurons are involve in reflexes, define and provide the various typesBOOK REFERENCES……..should be written as..Example: Calfee, R. C, & Flores, R. (1999). APA guide to ……….publication (2nd Ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychology Association. BOOK CHAPTER REFERENCES: ……..should be written as.. Calfee, R. C, & Flores, R. (1999). Photosynthesis, Chapter 6. In: Biology: Concepts and Connections (pp. 100-109). San Francisco, CA: Pearson and Benjamin Cummings. WEBSITE REFERENCES: ……..should be written as…. Chapters or section of Online document: The Foundation….World. (2000). Pollution and banana cream pie. In Great chefs cook with chlorofluorocarbons and carbon monoxide (Chap. 3). Retrieved July 13, 2001, from http://www.wikidictionary/pollution/banana.htm). Online Journal Article: {Last, first name (1st author)}, &{Last, first name (2st author)}. (2000). A Buddhist response…..human rights. Journal of Buddhist Ethics, 8(4). Retrieved July 13, 2001, from http://www.wikidictionary/pollution/banana.htm).ARTICLES (3 TO SIX AUTHORS) REFERENCES: ……..should be written as…… Calfee, R. C, Cornel, D., Berry, A., Kernis, M. H., Stacks, G., & Flores, R. (1999). There is more to….high or low: The importance of stability of self-esteem. Journal of Anatomy and Health, 65, 1190-1204. In your Text (within the essay) Citation:……..should be written as.. In a recent study of student performance……..60 student failed (Tortora, 2009). According to Jones (1998), “ Student often…..time” (p. 199)