Just i want know :The essay is argumentative essay. It is about the living in multicultural cities is better than living in monocultural cities, do you agree or disagree?The required form me my tutor it write one body paragraph about the foods in the multicultural and monocultural cities. Please write about both sides and supports the ideas by quotations. Make references list by follow APA style. ### I have the file i want someone add 70 word . and make it sounds good. I have about 200 word.

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Living in Multicultural Cities is better
Multicultural societies/countries are built on centuries of immigration from different regions of
the world. The people bring with them their native cultures into the new society resulting in a blend of
many cultures. Living in a multicultural society is better than living in a monoculture cities as it
provides a rich experience of different cultures as well as diversity.
The beauty of living in a multicultural city is the food culture, owing to the diversity of cultures
there is a wide range of food varieties. People can establish their identities by upholding their
traditional foods while having the opportunity to learn recipes and taste food from other cultures. A
variety of food cultures is an ideal way to introduce children to different cultures at a young age to
teach and condition future generations on positive perspectives on diversity. More so, availing different
food for the people to choose from perhaps establish favorites. Again, discourses and narrative of food
and surrounding food which are common with expatriates expose others to the beauty of those specific
cultures which in turn evokes an appreciation of different cultures inducing the virtue of tolerance
(West, 2017).
On the contrary, monocultural cities comprise of people from the same culture with similar
values, practices, and traditions. They uphold traditional foods with minimal assimilations of new
recipes hence a narrower variety of foods compared to multicultural cities. Living in such a city denies
the exposure to diverse food cultures that a diverse city could provide. As a result, residents learn little
about other cultures encouraging stereotypical notions of other cultures and consequently
West, S. (2017, December 21). Using Food To celebrate Cultural Diversity. Retrieved from
m.huffingtonpost.co.uk: https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/amp/entry/using-food-to-celebratecultural-diversity_uk_5a392569e4b0578d1beb7309/

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