** There are two questions, write a 250 word response for each.Discussion Question 1: Rationalization (which is part of the Fraud Triangle and the Fraud
Diamond) means making excuses for your sinful choices instead of admitting that you are evil In
Genesis 3, two people blamed someone else for their sin—Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the
serpent. Name a factor you think might be used as an excuse by a corporate manager to commit a
financial statement fraud and explain why. Discussion Question 2: According to the article “Accountants’ Responsibilities and Morality” by
Arthur Wyatt, the corporate culture of the Arthur Anderson CPA firm slowly changed from the
1960s into the 1990s. He listed several things that contributed to the ethical failure that caused the
firm to collapse (including greed, a loss of professionalism, an over-emphasis on consulting
revenues, etc.). Which of the factors do you think was the most significant?