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Activity 3: Listening & Memory for College Students
Instructions: In class, we discussed both listening and memory. For this activity, you will draw
on the information you learned about listening and improving your memory. Refer to class notes
and readings from Unit 3 to help you complete this activity.
(1) Define both hearing and listening in your own words. Please also describe the differences
between hearing and listening.
(2) In class we discussed 6 different factors that tend to make listening difficult. For this part
please provide (a) a description of each factor and (b) an example that was not discussed
in class for each factor.
(3) Discuss what steps you would take to overcome the problems you mentioned for #2.
Please provide at least three specific steps you would use to overcome any or all of the
(4) In class we discussed several ways to improve individuals’ long-term memory. Which of
these methods works best for you and WHY? Your answer should have two parts: (a)
description of the method you tend to use and (b) a brief reasoning for your choice
This activity must be submitted to eCampus as either a text submission or an attached file no
later than 11:59pm.

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