All answers must have at least one paragraph (minimum 5 sentences). Be sure to write responses in complete sentences, in a clear and concise manner, with minimal grammar and spelling mistakes. e sure to proofread your responses. Question 1What parallels are there between the stages of dying (Kubler Ross’s 5 stages of death) and the experience of grief? Why do you think they may be similar?Note: When you make comparisons between dying and grief process, make sure to be very specific. Question 2Suppose you were brought in as a consultant on aging policy issues to your national government. Based on the demographic information/changes we discussed earlier in class, what recommendations would you make to the government? Question 3 What trends in health care (such as disability, technology, cognitive impairment, and so on) do you think will emerge based on information in the chapters we discussed throughout the semester?Note: When you respond, you must support your response with evidence mentioned in our class discussions, lecture notes, and chapters from the textbook. Also make sure to discuss demographic changes in this response as well.