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Case Analysis Study
Please visit: to gain a bit more
understanding about ideo. The analysis is about the company IDEO.
I have attached the PDF of the Study and it is named I Study.pdf. Please
read the IDEO analysis carefully.
Additional research needs to be done in order to answer the following
Answer the following questions in a 5 page paper:
“My dream for the future of IDEO is the same as it was back then:
that everyone at IDEO finds their calling, that being here feels like
working with friends, that we are all enjoying our lives, that we are
engaged in what feels like important work we were personally put
on Earth to do.” —David Kelley
1. David Kelley is one of the founders of IDEO. What does he
exactly mean by “dream for future of IDEO is the same as back
then”? Do you think his vision needs to change with time?
2.What is the most difficult challenge it faces in conducting its
research and designing its products? In the end, IDEO creates great
solutions for companies that then receive all the credit. Should
IDEO try to create more brand awareness for itself? Why or why
Additional Instructions for the Analysis:
• Need to have at least 7 different trusted sources (websites,
newsletters, published articles. Reports, video blogs, etc…) when
answering the bolded questions mentioned above. Best to add a
reference to each question but the total of the references needs to
be 7 or more.
• Use IN-TEXT Citation with author name, year, and page number
from books, author name and year from websites etc…while
writing the paper.
• Book is found at the very end of this word document, reference
materials from the book as well to make points and add IN TEXT
• Need to be in APA Style, Times New Roman, 12-point font, oneinch margin
• 4-5 pages does not include the reference list. (Reference list in case
of 5-page paper would be the 6th page).
• Be through with paper answering questions rather than the length
of the paper.
• Be sure to ensure proper APA style is followed.
• A title page with running head is needed for this paper.
• Abstract is not needed
Rubric for paper:
Link to Textbook:

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