Case Study:Lab – Analyzing and Comparing GLBA and HIPAA In this lab you will conduct a review of the literature on this topic and complete a literature review on this topic. There are many sites that can assist in the formatting and content of a literature review. Here is an example: Some of the questions or areas to consider are: 1. What U.S. government agency acts as the legal enforcement entity for businesses and organizations involved in commerce? 2. Which U.S. government agency acts as the legal enforcement entity regarding HIPAA compliance and HIPAA violations 3. Similarities between GLBA and HIPAA. 4. Differences between GLBA and HIPAA. 5. How the privacy rule for GLBA and HIPAA translates into information security controls and countermeasures. 6. The GLBA Safeguards Rule. 7. ePHI and its effect on HIPAA. Make sure to provide a reference page that provides APA citations of any sources used in the literature review. Literature Review Expectations: 1. At least 10 peer-reviewed articles are to be included in the literature review. 2. It should be organized by theme or subject of the article. 3. A minimum of one paragraph is required per article is required. 4. The review must be synthesized, and the articles analyzed for content as it relates to the content of the case study above. 5. Free of grammatical errors. 6. No evidence of plagiarism. 7. Since this is Information Technology related the articles cannot be greater than 5-years old unless it considered a seminal article. 8. The literature review must be run through the plagiarism detector and no more than 25% of the articles should be used by another student. If there is a greater than 25% match in the paper it will receive a point deduction of 50%. If greater than 50% is a match the submission will receive a 0 without an option for resubmission. If there is a match in articles the synthetization and analyzation of the material MUST be original for content. Written Requirements Be sure to use appropriate APA format and cite your Reading or other sources that you used in your literature review. The literature review should contain enough information to adequately answer the business problem provided in the case study and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors. Points deducted from grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor’s discretion.