1- From the file I linked, there is 6 strategies and we have to only use ONE strategy and answer the prompt2- Use only the picture I sent and no online resources he is very strict about that, like all the evidence have to be from the text. 3- use paragraph structure of assertion, evidence, explain, and significance. 4- 4-5 paragraphs and in text MLA citation only so (authors last name, pg #) 5- And all the requirements are on the file





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DOC 2 Midterm Paper:
Analyzing Strategies for Justice
In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. states: “any law that degrades human
personality is unjust” and that it is therefore our moral obligation to resist unjust legal systems.
King’s “Letter” is among the most widely taught pieces of argumentative writing due to its
sophisticated use of persuasive strategies. ​Drawing evidence and analysis from King’s
“Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” write a thesis-based essay that analyzes how King
makes his counterhegemonic argument that ​justice​ differs from ​legality​.​ ​Focus your
analysis on ​one​ particular persuasive strategy King uses in making this argument (see
table below) to analyze ​both​ the strengths or affordances of the strategy, ​and​ its
limitations or risks.
Persuasive Strategies in MLK’s “Letter”
Addressing intersectional differences and positionality
Specifying what upholds hegemony
Humanizing the “other”
Making of concessions to build alliances
Making ideologies visible
Connecting his text to larger sociohistorical context
● Final drafts should be 1200-1500 words typed, double-spaced, with 12-point font and
1-inch margins. Include a word count at the end of your paper. All papers must be
● Your name, your TA’s name, and your section number should be typed at the top.
● Give your paper a creative title. (Do not use a cover page).
● Use only course materials (lecture/discussion notes and assigned texts) to write your
paper. Do not use outside sources. You do not need to include a works cited page for
this assignment, but proper citation of others’ work is required. You should cite the page
numbers from the assigned readings if you use any direct quotations. Refer to the
academic integrity modules on TritonED if you have any questions about proper citation
● Rough draft due week 4 in second sections of the week (Thurs/Fri) as hard copy and to
● Final draft due week 7 in Wednesday lecture as hard copy and to turnitin
Tips for Writing a Successful Paper
1. You should imagine the primary reader of your paper as your peers in DOC 2, people
who are attending this class and are familiar with DOC concepts. Thus, you can assume
that your primary readers will have knowledge of counterhegemonic US history, and will
know specifics about the assigned readings. Your goal, then, is to focus on educating
your readers about ​your ​specific arguments and analysis related to MLK’s writing.
Please feel free to consult the DOC 1 Keywords Guide on TritonEd.
2. Be sure to review the grading rubric for this project. TAs will be evaluating your paper
according to that rubric. Provide readers with well-chosen details, examples, and
analysis to develop your thesis. Be sure to proofread for mechanical errors.
3. This midterm paper and the analytical journal prompts were designed with each other in
mind. Use the thinking and pre-writing you have already done in your analytical journals
to help you start this paper.
4. If you are unsure about how to cite quotations in your paper, please use MLA format and
refer to ​https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

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