1- Create an annotated bibliography regarding the learning objectives of:” CONJUGATIONS OF REGULAR VERBS IN PRETERIT FOR SPANISH CLASS”THE ASSIGNMENT NEED CITING AT LEAST 2 RESEARCH STUDIES OR JORUNAL ARTICLES THAT SUPPORT THE LEANING TOPIC PRESENTED.2- Review the feedback you received regarding your S.M.A.R.T. goals you identified in this week’s Discussion.(SEE ATTACHMENT)Revise your goals accordingly, based on feedback provided by your Instructor, your colleagues, and any other relevant source (e.g., other Instructors).Review Learning Resources and consider how these resources might support your writing process.The Assignment:*****Compose a 2- to 3-paragraph reflection using Walden’s APA Course Paper Template in which you do the following:Describe any strategies you might use for advancing your scholarly writing and why you selected these strategies.Explain the types of resources you will use to support your writing process as you continue your scholarly journey (e.g., Walden Writing Center materials, support groups, professional learning communities, and regular Discussions with your doctoral chair).Identify any potential issues you might face and provide strategies on how you might address these issues.Congratulate yourself on at least one skill you have gained/improved upon during your experience in this course.ATTACHED THE FEEDBACK:PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. THERE ARE 2 PARTS: 1 THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY AND PAT 2 AN ESSAY FOR THE FEEDBACK. THE ASSIGNMENT AND TE FEEDBACK IS ATTACHED. BE PROFESSIONAL AND DO YOUR BEST.

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