Attached is a copy of “Mr Edens Profits from Watching His Workers’ Every Move”. It is related to the contents of Ch 2 of the text – “The Evolution of Management Thought”. You should read the case and answer the three questions appearing at the end.Your answer to each question should include an explanation of your thinking in answering the question.The Question 1 answer should be 75-125 words.The Question 2 answer should also be 75-125 words.The Question 3 answer should be 100-150 words . i upload the book informyion


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To:Kathleen Suchon ; Hello MGT 301 (01, 02) students –
The required text for this course is a customized book that includes only the material we will be covering
this semester. The custom text is based on the full text Contemporary Management, Gareth R Jones and
Jennifer M. George, Tenth Edition, 2018, McGraw-Hill. We won’t be using Connect, so you don’t need to
purchase that — just the custom text. Since we will be using the text from the first day of class I recommend
that you order your copy of the custom text as soon as possible, from one of the sources listed below. It will
be shipped to you. (There may also be some used versions out there, and they are fine. Just make sure it is
the correct text. Also, if you get the full text that would work also.)
I believe you can order the custom text from the campus store for $161.25. In order to do that you should
go to the campus store website at (You many have to enter the address by hand rather
than just clicking here.) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Textbooks & Course Materials.
Three boxes will appear. You only need to change the setting on the third box:
Department. Scroll down and select MGT. A box called Course will appear. Select 301, and section 01 or
02 depending on which section you are enrolled in. Then click SUBMIT. The custom text should appear.
Add it to your cart, and follow the additional instructions.
You can also order the custom text directly from the publisher, McGraw-Hill. To buy from them, follow
the link provided below. There I believe it costs $137.04.
The link to use to order the text from the publisher is: isbn=1260380955
You may have to click on this link twice before the McGraw-Hill page comes up. There you will see the
1ST EDITION by Gareth Jones and Jennifer George
ISBN:1260380955 / 9781260380958
Once you have your text, you can read Chapter 1 if you want to get a jump on the semester.
forward to seeing you in class soon. Prof Suchon
I look

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