1. Considering your local schools or educational programs, discuss an area of concern that would benefit from research.My area of concern is the Georgia Alternative testing for students with disabilities.2. What are your final words/thoughts on your learning from this course? The course is Education ResearchRespond to student discussion Board: An area of concern that I have about my school is the implementation of proficiency scales without adequate training. Two years ago my school district decided to move to using proficiency scales instead of and A,B,C,D,F grading system. The work afterward was tremendous! First, we had to choose essential learning outcomes that we felt were most important. Then, we had to unpack those standards and break them down into measurable, testable standards. After we made the proficiency scales we then had to make assessments that would line up with the scale. We did have a few verticle alignment meetings but not enough to really hone in on great alignment. After all of the scales and assessments were made we implemented them. Many adjustments needed to made after actually using them. My issues is, we as teachers have not had the appropriate training and we have not done adequate research in testing these scales and assessments out to use them. Fast forward two years, our superintendent is now wanting to buy pre-made scales from a company that are better aligned but we will still need to make new assessments or adjust the assessments that we already have. I would like to see research on how effective teacher made proficiency scales are compared to pre-made scales? Are they better aligned? Are students’ scores higher/lower/same? Are the standards the same? How different/alike are the scales?