As you review the course resources for your first assignment you’ll find that many of those resources (especially the wiki sources listed) will quickly lead you to examples of women artists of the 19th and 20th century. These are excellent examples and may be more familiar to you than women who were practicing professional artists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. But for the sake of continuity and in order to better understand the extraordinary struggle that women encountered as they sought to express themselves aesthetically, let me encourage you to choose as a focus of your current assignment a woman artist of that earlier period. It will offer a foundational frame that serves you well as the course unfolds.After reading our the week 1 content, respond to the following:What educational opportunities were available to women in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance? How did they receive art training or did they? Please also use an example of a woman artist from this era to support your explanation.
Select either the Middle Ages or the Renaissance.
Give a brief explanation using information about a particular female artist or group.
Remember to cite and reference your work using MLA style.
Remember to return and discuss the topic with your classmates. The goal of discussion is to seek out a “best” response to the prompt through constructive and critical dialogue.***Please use at least 300 words in response***