Assignment 2: Policy and Client Impact DevelopmentFor this assignment, you are expected to identify a sub-population within the field agency, then research and discuss with your field coordinator the state and federal policies that may impact the identified clients. Finally, discuss if there is a possibility for you to advocate on behalf of those clients.By Day 7Submit a 2-3 page paper in which you:
Identify the subpopulation
Identify State and federal policies and discuss their impact on the clients identified
Provide suggestions for the agency
Discuss possibilities to advocate for the clients

NOTE: You are expected to present and discuss this assignment with your agency Field Instructor. Your field instructor will be evaluating your ability to demonstrate this competency in their field evaluation. In addition, you will submit this assignment for classroom credit. The Field Liaison will grade the assignment “PASS/FAIL,” see rubric for passing criteria.
****My field agency sub-population should be “homeless population”. I live in Georgia so whatever state and federal polices should apply from my state.Thanks in advance for your help!!!!