(RS) Assignment 3: Security Concerns and Mitigation StrategiesAssignment RequirementsYou are provided a handout to do this assignment.TasksIdentify a networked technology you use at home, at work, or as a personal convenience. Research and identify three potential threats to endpoint security of the device, and detail a mitigation mechanism for each threat. Also explain why your mitigation strategies would work. Submit the report to your instructor.Required ResourcesTextbookInternetHandouts:Security Concerns and Mitigation StrategiesHostsRS Assignment 3 Security Concerns and Mitigation Strategies Template.docx (YOU MUST USE THIS TEMPLATE TO GET FULL CREDIT)Submission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft WordFont: Arial, Size 12, Double-SpaceCitation Style: APALength: 2–2 pagesSpelling & Grammar count Self-Assessment ChecklistI identified at least one personally significant networked technology.I researched and identified three appropriate threats associated with the technology.I provided a mitigation strategy for each identified threat.I explained why my mitigation strategies would work.