800-1000 wordsBased on your chosen theme and organization, discuss and analyze what processes, approaches, or techniques you would use to interview, train, and evaluate the performance of employees.For example:How would you interview, train, and evaluate the performance of employees whom you want to work in teams in your selected organization?How would you interview, train, and evaluate the performance of leaders in your selected organization?What considerations are there in interviewing, training, and appraising employees when considering constant change in an organization and the best strategies to manage that change?Presume that you have selected 3 candidates based on their resumes, background checks, and reference letters. Consider the following questions when writing your paper:What type of interview would you use, and why? Structured? Unstructured?Which interview questions would be most important for this particular position?What type of responses would you be looking for that would indicate a good fit for the position, and why?What training activities do you suggest for these employees in their first 3–6 months?What type of ongoing development would you recommend, and why?What type of performance appraisal do you suggest at 90 days, 6 months, and then annually for employee? Why?Provide 1–2 scholarly sources cited and referenced in APA format to support your response.Review this Scholarly Sources document to learn more about proper APA citations and sources.