A Business Case Definition: Documentation detailing the requirements to move an idea from conceptualization to project initiation. Write your research paper on one of the attached topics. Select at least one problem area and research different systems solutions or technologies currently available or under development that may help solve the problemYour business paper must involves an assessment of business problem and opportunity.For this assignment, I want you to compare and contrast a Business Case and a Business Plan. Include definitions and applications. Also please explore business case templates. Please review other web sites of relevance and indicate those you use.I want you to submit to me a paper on the above and stating why the details in the business case template are there and how this represents the corpus of data (issue) that would be submitted to obtain funding and project approval to get a project started. Select three (3) business case templates that you like, and note them on your reference page. Tell me why you selected that business case template and how it is associated with the (technological and/or business drivers) problem that you selected for your Business Case Research paper. The paper should be from 4 to 6 pages in length. Research Paper Suggestion:Abstract (1 page)Main pages (4 to 6 Pages)Business PlanBusiness CaseDifferencesBusiness Template (Please note the three (3) business case templates links here).Issue OverviewReference page (1 page)I want you to reference at least three (3) different business cases templates, and select the one you believe to be the best. Please note only the URL and not the templates outline, (You can used the template outline at a later date.). You should reference the others template that you evaluated to come to your conclusion.Please make sure that you use the correct APA format. Please reference the rubric in the rubrics/criteria section for grading expectations. This is the first of two projects;

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Business Research paper Topics
Write your research paper on one of the following topics. Your business paper must involves an
assessment of business problem and opportunity.
1. Cloud Computing – It is the latest technology that has made a huge change in the way
data is stored and processed in servers
2. Computer Graphics Development – It is based on the use of software to create image
data which in turn is used from videos to architecture and a lot more.
3. Data Security – It is mainly base on the misuse of technology. Taking advantage of the
loopholes in technology to causes serious damage by hacking or phishing information.
4. Robotic surgery – One of the lasts achievements in technology in using the help or
robotics to achieve success in medical surgery.
5. Electronic surveillance – The use of technology to monitor important and secured
places with the user of camera and video devices to protect them from possible
6. 3-D Algorithms – The utilization of computer programming languages combined with
game theory to develop 3-D procedures and using them in turn to develop video games
or art.
7. Data Mining – To protect technical fraud and theft. It deals with protection of online
card usage.
8. Proxy Server – A process of connecting computer networks to access or process
9. Business Protocols- The set of rules of guideline that are not defined yet followed in the
technology business field.
10. Internet Shopping – The use of the internet to purchase almost everything from the
comfort of your home.
11. E-Billing – The summary of bills or expenditure arising out of online shopping and
leading to their mode of payment.
You will be able to find sufficient information on all of these topics over the internet. Hence,
pick the one you are comfortable with to complete your research paper.

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