1250 words (not including in-text citation and references as the word count) count a minimum of three scholarly sources are required in APA format. Let’s be sure to write it in own work 100% and give appropriately when using someone’s else work. INSTRUCTIONS: Using AT LEAST 300 words per response (not including your reference list), respond to the following questions using the reading material attached and Scholarly sources as references. 1 Compare and contrast the three hierarchies of attitudes. Explain how levels of commitment to an attitude influence the likelihood that it will become part of the way we think about a product in the long term. 2 Explain the principle of cognitive consistency and the theory of cognitive dissonance. Discuss a time when the principle of cognitive consistency has occurred in one of your purchase decisions. Provide an example of a time when one of your purchases has resulted in cognitive dissonance. What did you do to reduce the dissonance? 3 Discuss the concept of opinion leadership. How do opinion leaders make themselves known on the Internet? What is their impact? Discuss. 4 Read the NEVER STAY HERE! THE POWER OF NEGATIVE ONLINE REVIEWS Case Study at the end of Chapter 11. How accurate are the reviews found on sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor and how comfortable should consumers be in letting the reviews of others influence where and how they travel and stay? If you were a hotel owner, what steps should you take to address a negative online review? Find an actual example of a hotel that has done a good job responding to a negative review. Discuss how they handled the situation.