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1) Before taking the assessment (if you have not taken it before), select what you believe
to be your top 5 personality strengths. List 1 as your strongest strength.

How do you absorb, think about and analyze information and
How do you make things happen?
How do you influence others?
How do you build and nurture strong relationships?
Find the 34 strengths and definitions at
Each CliftonStrengths theme sorts into one of four domains.
These domains describe how people and teams use their talents to
work with information, make things happen, influence others and
build relationships.
Use CliftonStrengths to answer the following questions and
accomplish your goals.
2) Please use this link to a short article about decision-making biases that
typically affect accounting ethics:
Fay, R., & Montague, N. R. (2015). I’m Not Biased, Am I?. Journal Of Accountancy, 219(2), 2631.
Your first step is to respond to the six-item decision making
questionnaire on p. 27 of the article (NOT the textbook) BEFORE you
read the article. Then go to p. 29 of the article and follow the instructions on
how to score yourself.
Once you have your results, go back to read this short article where Fay
and Montague (2015) explain what these biases mean, and how they may distort
your ability to make objective and rational decisions. The five biases discussed in this
article were identified by researchers as very common among business
professionals but these biases may prevent us from making good ethical judgments.
You’ll see more on this topic during week 1 when you read chap 2 from our textbook.
Please fill out the attached document with the list of biases you
identified for yourself from this decision making
questionnaire and a short comment about something new you
learned about yourself. Submit this document here in the assignment
Additional resources for assignment ( attached)
Decision-making questionnaire
1. Which biases did you have?
2. Was there any bias you already knew about yourself? Any bias you did not expect
to have?
3. How do you think these biases affect decisions you make?

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