Analyze external industry and market data, organizational and financial information to identify trends and new business opportunities for the whitetail deer hunting and lodging in MichiganAssignment GuidelinesBefore writing a complete business plan, first determine if a business idea does in fact represent a feasible business opportunity. Feasibility is determined by whether or not there is a market for the proposed product or service the business will offer and whether or not it can make money. Industry and market research helps to determine whether there is a market for the business, and an early evaluation of start-up costs and likely returns on investment will help to determine whether or not the business could make money.Before proceeding any further with your written business plan, you want to obtain an initial assessment and feedback about whether or not you would be able to attract investors to help fund your business.The purpose of this assignment is to persuasively present the information identified above to an acquaintance who has some experience of entrepreneurial investment and obtain the feedback you need.Your presentation mustclearly identify the nature of your business idea and your proposed business modelintroduce the founding team, their experience and skillsinclude a succinct analysis of the industry in which your business will operateinclude a succinct analysis of the market in which your business will operate including identification of your competitors strengths and weaknessesclearly identify your target market segments and their sizesummarize your key competitors, your competitive advantage and key differentiatorsinclude an estimate of your likely market share and first year sales identify the likely profit margins and return of investment that are typical in the industry your business will operateclearly indicate the necessary start up costs and state how you expect to fund the business References List