attached below is the information , any questions please let me know. thank you in advance .Job is still public relations – external affairs . company is nyc health + hospitals




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This assignment is the culmination of everything you have been working on in
this course and your chance to not only show-off your interviewing skills but also
to demonstrate your ability to network and develop new relationships. You are
encouraged to approach this interview as an investment in your career rather
than thinking about it only as an assignment.
For this assignment, you need to download and complete the Week
8: Informational Interview Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site..
There are FIVE steps to the Informational Interview.
Step 1: Compile a list of individuals in your target career field whom you would
like to interview. Try to identify people who are working at a company in which
you are interested. This is a good opportunity to practice your networking skills.
Let your classmates, friends, family members, and colleagues know that you
need to complete an informational interview with someone in your intended
career field. You’ll be amazed at how effective networking can be.
Step 2: Prepare a brief introduction of yourself and the purpose(s) of the
informational interview. Prepare a list of open-ended questions that would be
appropriate to ask during the informational interview. An Internet search using
“informational interview” will provide you with many examples of questions you
might want to use.
Step 3: Practice your interview with a classmate, friend, family member, or
colleague and ask them to critique your performance. Identify ways to improve
based on their feedback.
Step 4: Set up a day and time for the interview and be sure to confirm. This can
be an in person interview, Skype/WebEx or phone interview – whatever works
best for the both of you. Record the interviewee’s responses to your questions.
Step 5: Send a thank-you letter, note, or email to the interviewee within twentyfour hours of completing the interview. And if appropriate, be sure to connect with
them via LinkedIn.
Note: Complete and submit by Week 8.
Informational Interview Assignment
Required Elements
Created and recorded responses to interview questions (3 points each)
Reflection was authentic and was fully developed.
Week 8: Informational Interview Template
Stage 4: Advance
Once you have selected the person you are going to interview, strategically compose the
interview questions similarly to the way you composed your own questions for Week 7. It is a
limited amount of time that you are with this person so use your time wisely to gain as much
insight as possible.
Remember, the individual that you are meeting with could potentially be part of your
professional network, if they aren’t already. This could lead to employment opportunities for
you or the establishing of a mentoring relationship.
Interviewee Information
Name of Interviewee and Title
Ruchel Ramos, Associate Director Public Affairs and
NYC Health+Hospitals
Contact Information
(718) 334-1689
Interview Questions (3 pts each)
Question #1:
Question #2:
Question #3:
Question #4:
Question #5:
Question #6:
Week 8: Informational Interview Template
Question #7:
Question #8:
Question #9:
Question #10:
Reflection (30 points)
Summarize your take-aways from the informational interview. What you have learned about
the company, the interviewee’s career path, your potential career path, the company culture,
skills that you may need but still need to develop, etc.? Take this time to truly reflect on the
conversation and share your newly gained insights.
As mentioned in the previous weeks, an important step in any activity is the
reflection that takes place at the end of it. This is because it allows those involved
in the activity the time to analyze whether or not their efforts were successful or
not. For this reason, in this final week of CARD405, you are going to be given the
opportunity to reflect upon the work you have submitted this session.
For this assignment, you need to download and complete the Week 8 SelfEvaluation Template available here (Links to an external site.)Links to an
external site..
Don’t forget to submit your assignment.
The grading rubric is below.
Part 1: Explore
The Explore section was fully completed and a minimum of three to four sentences
were used to address the questions.
Part 2: Develop Part 1
The Develop Part 1 section was fully completed and a minimum of three to four
sentences were used to address the questions.
Part 3: Develop Part 2
The Develop Part 2 section was fully completed and a minimum of three to four
sentences were used to address the questions.
Part 4: Launch
The Launch section was fully completed.
Week 8 Self-Evaluation Assessment
Part 1: Explore
Reflect upon Weeks 1 and 2.
Self-Assessment and Job Comparison
1. Assess how your self-assessment and job searching abilities link with your 1-, 2-, and
5-year professional goals.
2. Is there anything you would change about these goals now that you fully
comprehend the job search process?
Part 2: Develop Part 1
Consider your branding activities.
Branding Tools
1. In reviewing your elevator speech, what could be different to link it more directly to
your brand?
2. How can your LinkedIn page be fully utilized to market your projected image?
Week 8 Self-Evaluation Assessment
Part 3: Develop Part 2
Reflect upon Weeks 4–6.
Targeted Materials
1. How does a targeted approach to the development of your resumé and cover and
thank you letters pay off in the job search process?
2. What professional items do you still need to develop to fully balance your brand?
Part 3: Launch
Considering your recorded interview, please rate yourself based on the following categories.
Nonverbal Communication
Rate yourself on the following:
Direct Eye Contact
Appropriate Appearance/Attire
Upright Posture
Friendly Demeanor/Smile
Conveyed Self-Confidence
Verbal Communication
Did you do the following?
Avoid saying “Umm,” “like,” “I mean,” “you know”
Use proper grammar/avoid slang terms
Articulate relevant skills and accomplishments
Communicate well-defined career goals
Express ideas clearly
Convey decision-making ability
Emphasize your strong points
Needs Improvement

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