Case Scenario to be completed -APA Format. – Introduction or Abstract page – summary or Conclusion page. – Four pages minimum, no including: Introduction or Abstract , summary or conclusion, and Bibliography pages – It is completely unacceptable to Copy and Paste from the Internet, or other resources – Bibliography has to be in APA Format, minimum 3, no more than 3 years old. Your best friend, Lindsey, and you are working together in the surgical ICU. Often you cover for her when she goes to lunch or on breaks. You notice that often her clients complain of being in pain, even though she has told you that she medicated them right before she left the unit. You also notice that she appears to be very jumpy and short-tempered and a bit disheveled when she comes to work. You are suspicious that she is using the medications that she says she is giving to her clients1. What should you do first? 2. What might be the consequences if you decide to do nothing?