Assigned Friday, January 25, due Monday, January 28, 2019:1. Please answer/respond to the first four (4) “Case Studies” questions on p. 24. (Limit your response to each question to 2 typed sentences (or less)–quality and not quantity!) Entire assignment must be limited to one, double-spaced page. Do not go to any outside source for aid in answering any of the questions.)2. In Chapter 12, “Agency and Brokerage,” read pp. 276-279 (through “Independent Contractor” stop at “Listing”); skip to and read pp. 303-306 of Chap. 12 (“Real Estate Sales Associate,” “Licensing Laws,” and “Unauthorized Practice of Law”).3. Please open and review Sections 201-304 and 608 (stop at Sec. 608a–“Written Agreement with Broker”) of the attached PA. R.E. Lic. & Reg. Act(cited as: 63 P.S. Sec. 455.201-304 & 608) that appear below. Your reading of this statute should be in light of the general materials that you have read thus far in Chap. 12.

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