(Just 300-450 words are fine.)Here is explanation and special requirements of each part:INTRO:—the Intro for this class is a précis. A précis is a summary, usually a logical summary, using asfew words as possible. The précis for this class is two parts: statement of action and verdict isthe first part, that’s the part you have to fill in. The second part is a summary of the logicalcontent, in other words, the second part is the outline itself. The outline I give you to write theResult is summarized in the INTRO, but I have done this for you, you just copy/paste it. So for the INTRO all you are doing is copy/pasting the template, and filling in the first part,indicated here in brown. That’s why team lead has to do Intro, because the Intro is not reallydoing much work. Only work for the Intro is the copy/paste and then trying to define the action ofthe case in as few words as possible. Case Link: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/12/musk-lawyers-move-to-dismiss-cave-explorer-lawsuit-over-pedo-guy-tweets/