1). When writing a formal argumentation essay, make sure you have the following in your essay: –State the problem or issue in your introduction; –In some cases, state the possible positions to be taken on the problem; –State the position you will take in your essay; –Offer supporting evidence that the position you take is the reasonable one to hold –Anticipate objections to the position and acknowledge or refute them –Affirm the position and make a final appeal –You should have an introduction paragraph in your essay –You should have 3-5 body paragraphs, each body paragraph to begin with a topic sentence, followed by supporting evidence –Argue for only one key point in each body paragraph. –You should have a conclusion paragraph. In your conclusion, reiterate your position on the topic of your argumentation, summarize the key points you argued for in the body of your essay that support your position on the topic, and draw a conclusion out of it. –Your essay should have 1000-1200 words 2). Remember to use induction or deduction in your reasoning. Remember to avoid logical fallacies. 4. You MUST use correct MLA style for your in-text citations and works cited page.