As part of your reading this week, you will need to look at the Code of Ethics from the National Association of Social Workers and the International Federation of Social Workers. The NASW Code, for example, identifies a set of core values, which indicates what is important to us as a profession. From these values are derived a set of ethical principles. Please take a moment to look over these two Codes of Ethics. As you do so, compare the content and language used within these two codes, identify what aspects really stand out for you or resonate the most strongly with you, and think about how these values reflect your view of social work as a profession. Also note if there are aspects of either of these codes that do not resonate with you, or whether there’s anything else you would add. As part of this reflective process, please also refer back to the UNE School of Social Work’s vision and mission statement, specifically in regards to social inclusion, as well as the philosophical/values framework.