A] The windshield survey, community assessment, and visits to community departments have provided you with information about your community. Analyze your assessment findings and utilize the following questions to compose your paper over 5-7 pages using APA formatting (not including title and reference pages). Suggested Outline for Paper1. Introduce your community just providing highlights, key facts that directed you to two vulnerable populations within this community.2. Based on your data and assessment, identify one primary prevention health need for each of these vulnerable populations that you believe may develop or are health concerns for this community. a) Indicate the problems/issues actual or potential? What data indicates your selection? b) What are the strengths of the community?c) How does this health need affect the community? d) What has the community done so far about these issues? 3. Explain how this health need relates to Healthy People 2030. Select the importance of 3 realistic, practical interventions, and rationales for this health need that your community could implement. It is recommended that one of these interventions will include the topic for your primary prevention health education plan.B] Develop a health education plan based on the summary paper Plan states the primary prevention health need, list 3 interventions, goals(outcomes) for the problem C] PowerPoint presentation for health education on the identified health need