{{ }} << when you see this symbol, its going to be my words and not the rubric!! and everything you need is attached!Select 2 bookstore, library, school, community center or other applicable settings to visit {{ I WILL SEND YOU 2 VIDEOS AND YOU HAVE TO ASSUME THAT YOU ARE THERE}} and observe an organized children’s literature/oral interpretation event (i.e. Storytime at a public library and a commercial bookstore, etc.) 2.After you have conducted each observation, assess and evaluate the following:a)Discuss the kind of material that was presented (literature genres). {{link: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cr/rl/litrlgenres.asp and ex[plain why you chose that genre and how it was presented!! i will attach some class slides for you to read and understand some of the things you need to write about!!}} also What is the type/kind/genre is the story? What literary elements does it contain? b)Explain how the material was presented (oral interpretation methods). {{Attached in the class slides file}} What meaning, feeling, attitude, experience is the teller trying to communicate to the audiencec)Give your impressions of the presenter’s skills and presentation dynamics. {{I attached file called "literally elements", read it and talk about what voice and Figurative language is the readers using each one.}} d)Describe the age range of the audience and how they participated and/or responded to the presentation. {{explain how both stories used simple words to make it easy for kids to understand and how they used clear voice when reading, also how both stories are for children to the age of 8 years}} 3.After observing and documenting, compare and contrast the two different presenters. {{ talk about how they were dressed, the way they were telling the stories, how they speak, etc....}} a)Be sure to take into consideration the topics discussed in class and your text with regard to age-appropriateness, vocal usage and performance skills, learning styles, various literature genres and methods of Oral Interpretation. {{ no explanation needed }} b)Identify how you will apply what you have observed to your own public speaking. {{ self explanatory }}Links: 1st Story : The Polar Expressthis story was presented in a barnes and noble2nd Story: It's Christmas David!this story was presented in a mall {{imagine that you seen it in a mall}} field_expierment.zip Unformatted Attachment Preview ... Purchase answer to see full attachment