1. (5 Points) download all the appropriate annual financial statements for the two companies I have assigned you individually, for fiscal years ending December in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. My favorite source for these financial statements is www.finance.yahoo.com but you can use any reliable source you want as long as you tell me where you get these financial statements. If you want really detailed financial statements, it is better to use the Edgar Database of Sec.Gov. I will post a video early tomorrow morning on how to obtain such financial statement information using the 10-K filings of the corporations. Make sure to put these financial statements in easily understandable tables, either in Excel or in Word. If you need historical stock prices, you can also find them using finance.yahoo.com. 2. Use the financial statements in Step 1 to calculate any financial ratio you would find relevant, for all the years for which you have financial statemenst. Make sure that there are many financial ratios, do not use just one ratio or just one type of ratio. 3. (5 Points) present all the financial ratios you calculated as an easily understandable table. Make sure you calculate the ratios properly. 4. (10 Points) a justification for each ratio you calculated (why is the ratio you calculated is relevant for the purpose of understanding the financial health and value of the company) and reasons why the set of ratios you used is enough and important for the purposes at hand. Relevancy argument should be beyond simply the definition of the ratio, and you should make a defendable argument why you do not need any other ratios. 5. (20 Points) present a critical comparison of the two companies you are assigned using the financial ratios you calculated. When you make a comparison of the two firms based on a given ratio or set of ratios, you are expected to go beyond simply indicating that one company has a higher/lower ratio than the other. I can see that for myself, you need argue to me what that means. At the end of your argument, you need to choose one of the companies to purchase over the other, and justify this choice based on the financial ratios you calculated. You must make sure that any claim you make is based on data! Simple assertions do not carry any value even when they are correct. Also make sure that your arguments have some depth. Simply arguing I will choose Company A over Company B is not worth anything. Make sure you make use of pairwise comparison of the two firms as well as patterns over time. A little hint: Wikipedia IS NOT a valid source regardless of the validity of information on that source. Furthermore, do not simply cite an analyst opinion without also reporting the analysis that led to the said opinion.