1:CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER Second assignmentQUESTION 1What led to the drastic decline of the Klu Klux Klan’s Second Wave?Aggressive counterterrorism campaigns by law enforcement agenciesAggressive media attention undermining its ability to operate in secretThe achievement of its goals through mostly legislative measuresThe shift in American demographics toward a minority-majority country10 points QUESTION 2Which type of terrorism wields political violence to make a particular political point or to support a platform of closely related political positions?Left wing terrorismRight wing terrorismSingle issue terrorismState sponsored terrorism10 points QUESTION 3Which type of terrorism wields political violence to achieve fundamental political, economic, and social change?Left wing terrorismReligious terrorismRight wing terrorismSingle issue terrorism10 points QUESTION 4Which form of right wing terrorism holds the most elaborated theory among those advocating white supremacy?The Christian Identity MovementThe Klu Klux KlanThe Militia MovementThe Patriot Movement10 points QUESTION 5The media typically refers to acts of violence as hate crimes rather than terrorism when committed by those inspire by which philosophy?Neo-Nazi GroupsThe Christian Identity MovementThe Klu Klux KlanThe Patriot Movement10 points QUESTION 6Which of the following theories as to why people become terrorists is the most widely held in the field of terrorism studies?Economic Interaction TheoryPersonal Traits TheoryRational Choice TheorySocial Interaction Theory10 points QUESTION 7How must terrorism be viewed in order for the Personal Traits Theory to make sense?Terrorism cannot be seen as a by-product of antisocial behavior.Terrorism cannot be seen as a by-product of depression.Terrorism must be seen as a means in itself.Terrorism must be seen as a political act.10 points QUESTION 8Why was the Social Interaction Theory developed?As an alternative explanation to Rational Choice and Person Traits theoriesIn order to consolidate the findings of an overwhelming number of researchersIn response to counterterrorism professionals’ objections to Rational Choice TheoryTo provide an explanation for the gender variable in terrorism10 points QUESTION 9In which type of modern terrorism has women’s participation in terrorism appeared the most commonly?Left wing terrorismReligious terrorismRight wing terrorismSingle issue terrorism10 points QUESTION 10Which view regarding women’s participation in terrorism is the most commonly held by laypersons?Real women cannot actually become terrorists, at allTerrorist organizations recruit women as a tactical advantageWomen become terrorists as a demonstration of gender equalityWomen join terrorist organizations for the sake of love2:First assignmentPeer-Reviewed and Scholarly SourcesIn our readings this week, we discussed peer-reviewed sources and scholarly sources, as well as annotated bibliographies.For your assignment this week, find six scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles and write an annotated bibliography for each using APA format. (There are several websites that can assist you in finding the correct way to formulate an APA annotated bibliography.)