1:Literacy NarrativeA Literacy Narrative is a special kind of essay in which the writer describes his or her relationship with reading or writing. A narrative is not a person’s life story; it focuses on a single experience or event in the person’s life and shows how the event shaped the person—what he or she learned from it or how the experience helped him or her grow. For example, your literacy narrative could be about how you learned the value of writing or how the feedback of a teacher taught you to love (or hate) writing.This assignment has two parts. Please submit both parts as a single document.Part I:Write a brief (75 to 150-word) literacy narrative which explores some aspect of the Four Basics (Exposure, Motivation, Practice, or Feedback) in The Writer’s Way (pp. 7-10), as it applies to your experiences. Your literacy narrative should describe one event or experience related to writing and show what you learned from it or how it shaped your writing process or attitude toward writing.You might also want to review “What is an ‘Essay’?” on pp. 3-4.Part II:It is important to know what resources you have to help you through this class. Browse the following resources, and, in 75 to 150 words, describe how you think you will be able to use two or more of these to improve your writing skills.EN101 SyllabusEN101 APA SampleEN101 APA TemplateWriting and Documenting in APAGlossary of Writing TermsFrequently Asked QuestionsPlease submit your responses to both prompts in a single document.2:First ImpressionsFor this assignment, pretend you are writing a journal or diary entry. Write about your first week at Grantham – things that surprised you, and things that made you feel a bit overwhelmed. Since this is a diary/journal, be sure to explore your feelings along with describing the events that occurred.Here are some prompts to start your thinking. Address at least five of these prompts in your response:1.What motivated you to attend college2.What factors influenced your decision to come to Grantham University3.What are some of the things about college that you are looking forward to4.What are some of the motivators that will keep you going if/when you encounter challenges5.Your developing relationship with your Student Advisor6.Your first impression of your instructors7.Your first impression of your fellow students8.How you expect your life to change while you are a college student9.How you expect your life to change once you graduate from collegeYour diary/journal entry should be about 500 words (double spaced typing, using a 12 point Times New Roman). Use Microsoft Word to prepare your assignment. You will attach your completed document to the assignment dropbox (do not type in the assignment dropbox).