1:Introduction to Life Sciences – Week 1 AssignmentProperties of LifeChapter 1 of the textbook highlights three main characteristics of living organisms. From the list below, select TWO items that you consider to be alive, and two others that you do not consider to be alive. Apply the properties of living organisms from the textbook to justify your classification for each of the items you selected.Choose From:TulipMushroomYouVirusRockCarCopy machinePolar bearPencilComputerYour assignment should be 500 words in length.2:Microeconomics – Week #1 AssignmentDemocracy and TaxesAfter reading Special Topic 1 and Special Topic 2, write a 2-page paper answering and describing: Can democracy survive if a majority of the citizenry pay little or nothing in taxes while benefiting directly from a higher level of government spending? Why or why not? Discuss.