1:What is a map projection? What is the difference between a geographic coordinate system and a projected coordinate system? Why are map projections necessary? Why is it important to choose the right one for what you are trying to show?2:Week 2 Country Post: Russia2222 unread replies.2222 replies.Choose a country or region from the realm we are studying for the week and tell us something about it. This can be a story of personal experience there or current news (political, economy, science, cultural, etc.). Perhaps there is a traditional music, dance, or food that you find interesting (maybe it has modern interpretations?). You could even discuss the landscape – is there something unique there that can’t be found anywhere else in the world? This could be a scenic view, world heritage site, particular species of animal or plant. Anything you find interesting and want to share is what I am looking for. Make sure you put some effort in it. You don’t necessarily have to do research with lots of sources, but your post should be somewhat substantial. By that I mean at least a short paragraph (4-5 sentences). The main thing is I want you to enjoy doing this, so have fun and I can’t wait to read the posts!