1: Blog Unit One: Please follow the instructions carefully. Hit “Start a New Thread” or REPLY to someone’s else’s blog.Form three medical terms of your choice using the lectures and the lists of word roots, Prefixes, and suffixes.Pick your own and follow this formula:inflammation inside the heart prefix: endo root word + connecting vowel: card/i suffix: -itisPUT THE PARTS TOGETHER TO FORM A WORD.Then discuss how to form root words and what you hope to gain from the course.Why are so many of these words from Greek and Latin?Correct another blogger if necessary.150-200 words2:Thinking Critically: Describe and evaluate the significance and logic behind the Levels of Organization for whole body study. What components of such an approach were unavailable to the ancients but are now key to modern medicine (100- 150 words).Then chat with critique the answers from at least two colleagues. (around 50 words each).3:Thinking Critically: Evaluate and discuss the applicability and viability of the ancient system of the “FOUR HUMORS” to modern medicine. Do the wood-cuttings in my lecture appear to be ethnocentric? Why? Are they still valid to any extent in medical or psychological practice? Why or why not?Do you agree with your results on the Personality Test? Why or why not?(150-200 words)