1: Explain the purpose of the Voting Rights Act. How has it been weakened in recent years? Is some form of the Voting Rights Act still needed? Why or why not? Are Voter ID laws a necessary measure to protect against fraud or do they hinder people‚Äôs voting rights? Explain. Read Chapter 5 and the CQ Researcher article before responding to this question2:This week students should post on a current event relating to the topic of civil liberties or civil rights in America3:Explain the arguments for and against Affirmative Action. Are programs like Affirmative Action still needed? Is the Texas plan to admit the top students from each high school a better alternative? Why or why not? Check out the resources on Affirmative Action in the content area.4:Since this week’s reading assignment focuses on community policing and investigations, consider this: The Department of Homeland Security was formed, in part, to make federal law enforcement more efficient. With a less fragmented system, theoretically, the right hand knows better what the left hand is doing. If this is the case, then why not consolidate local, county and state police? In other words, in the hypothetical, why not have one police department for each state and the cities and counties would be served by precincts of that department? Discuss the pros and cons of such a system.Support your answer with direct evidence from the textbook and other sources.