1:Strategies for Decision Making – Week 7 AssignmentAnalyzing the NewsNews reporting is done by journalists, who are charged with the important responsibility of curating information in ways that are fair and honest.This week you will assume the role of a news editor or executive. Using the knowledge gained from this week’s readings and lectures, write a mock job posting for a journalist. Your job posting should include:A description of what the journalist will do (feel free to be creative, given that there are many different kinds of journalists)A list of qualities necessary for being a good journalistA list of expectations that the journalist will fulfill. Make sure to include required skills that address reliability and validity in reporting.Make your mock job posting look as realistic as possible. If you are unsure about how to write a job posting, look for examples online.2:Strategies for Decision Making – Week 4 AssignmentEvaluating ArgumentsBelow is a series of five fallacious arguments. In one paragraph each, explain why each argument is fallacious and identify the fallacy being committed. In identifying the relevant fallacy, be sure to give an explanation of what that fallacy is. Be comprehensive in your explanations, and cite at least one source to support each explanation (in APA format).Argument 11.My algebra class is a nightmare.2.Nightmares are bad dreams.3.Therefore, my algebra class is a bad dream.Argument 2We can trust the Andrew’s testimony because Andrew himself said so, and Andrew is a trustworthy person.Argument 3If we loosen the office dress code, soon everyone will start showing up naked! Therefore, we shouldn’t loosen the office dress code.Argument 4Nobody has disproven that there exists alien life. So, until proven otherwise, it’s reasonable to conclude that alien life does exist.Argument 5You shouldn’t vote Republican because Republicans hate the poor, and you shouldn’t vote Democrat because Democrats hate business owners.3:Strategies for Decision Making – Week 5 AssignmentMisleading StatisticsStatistics are powerful and convincing when used properly. This feature of statistical reasoning, however, also makes them liable to misuse. In this week’s assignment, you will find a legitimate statistic and explain how it might be used to mislead an audience. Start by searching the internet for a reliable statistic. Make sure the statistic you find comes from an original or primary source – whether it be a peer-reviewed article, think-tank, or other organization. Do not use news articles that report the findings of a study; use the original study itself. Please remember to cite your source.After you locate your statistic, explain how it might be used to mislead an audience into embracing conclusions that the statistic does not support by playing the role of someone who is trying to lie with statistics. Design a fake advertisement or news story in which you will try to use the statistic in question to make a persuasive point.oYour advertisement or story can consist of a written document, graphic, or video. oWhatever you decide to do, you should feature a depiction or description of the statistic and an explanation of how it might be used to support a misleading agenda.After creating your fake advertisement or news story, include a short one paragraph statement on why it is misleading and what can be done to avoid being misled by it.4:Microeconomics – Week #3 AssignmentHousing Collapse PaperAfter reading Special Topic 5, write a 2-page paper answering the following:Why did housing prices rise rapidly during 2002 – 2005?Why did the mortgage default rate increase so sharply during 2006 and 2007 even before the 2008 – 2009 recession began?What did the Community Reinvestment Act have to do with the housing bubble and collapse? Cite your sources as needed. Use APA formatting.https://quizlet.com/110954032/special-topic-5-macroeconomics-flash-cards/5:Introduction to Life Sciences – Week 3 AssignmentGenetic Disease Imagine you are a genetics counselor working with a couple who have recently welcomed a new baby into their lives. However, they have also recently learned that their child suffers from a genetic condition. Your job is to explain the signs and symptoms of the genetic condition in a way that parents can understand what to expect in the coming years. Also, you will want to include information about the way genetic conditions are inherited, and why they don’t always show up in every family member.Your assignment should be 500 words in length.