As noted in this week’s Introduction, therapist operating from the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach develop a case conceptualization of the client by assessing who the client is, and how they came to be, based on several factors that are potentially causing distress and maladaptive interpersonal relationship concerns with others. What is important to note here is how the case conceptualization process assists the therapist in building the theoretical framework and the appropriate guideline for treatment. For this Assignment, you will demonstrate your skills by analyzing the provided information regarding the “Case of Debra” and completing the case conceptualization template provided for you, from the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach.Note: As you move further along in this course and program, it will be important for you to retain the documents and articles from each week’s Learning Resources. You might find these documents and articles beneficial in your future courses, and for your clinical identity development.To prepare for this Assignment:Review the “Therapeutic Relationship as the Vehicle for Transformation and Change” video found in this week’s Learning Resources, and consider the techniques used within the Interpersonal Psychotherapy session. Note: You only need to view the session beginning at 22:33 and ending at 36:47 in order to complete the assignment. However, it is recommended to view the session in its entirety if you are able. You will continue to view the media program beginning at 36:50 and ending at 54 minutes. During this time, consider the explanation of the session and the interventions used within the session for this Assignment.Also, review the therapist commentary section from “Session 2” of the Psychoanalytic Therapy Over Time (DVD) in its entirety.Review the Case Study Example #1, “The Case of Debra”, found in the in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the clinical picture of this client for this Assignment.Review the Case Conceptualization template and use this template for this Assignment to help you conceptualize the profile of this client. Make sure to address each section of the template from an Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach where Debra is an incoming client.For this Assignment:Complete the Case Conceptualization template for Case Study Example #1.Submit your Conceptualizing a Case Study in Interpersonal Psychotherapy Assignment by Day 3