1. For this module, you are being asked to take the standard presentation one step further. Instead of a file that you simply project on the screen in class (proceeding linearly one slide at a time) you will be asked to create an (1) non-linear “interactive” presentation of content that is (2) available “online” for viewing at any time by students.As far as your choice of technical tools/platforms is concerned, you may choose to create an interactive online presentation (PowerPoint online, Google Presentation, etc.). The presentation should have at least 8 slides. Specific technical requirements are listed below.Try the interactive online version of the sample PowerPoint presentation athttps://tinyurl.com/y95q3yhz. You can also download a copy of the PowerPoint file to look at how it was created from the site.2. On paper, write out or draw up a plan for the content you will be presenting through the interactive presentation or web site. This plan should include notes for what content and graphics to include, and rough diagrams showing how links and navigation should work. Avoid the simple linear structure of going from slide #1 to slide #8, one slide at a time. Design in opportunities to jump around to different sections in a logical way (like in the sample athttps://tinyurl.com/y95q3yhz.3. Find and collect relevant text, images, and other information for your presentation or web site, based on your plan from step #2.4. Using a presentation program of your choice (PowerPoint, PowerPoint online, or Google Slides, recommended), construct your interactive presentation or web site using these materials. See the online videos here ppt-tutorial-v4-mod2.html demonstrating interactive presentation creation with PowerPoint. (This particular tutorial creates a “mini-quiz” PowerPoint example. Your presentation for this assignment should not be a quiz. You can create non-quiz interactive presentations using the skills demonstrated in this tutorial.)Your interactive presentation does not need to be visually “perfect” or even have 100% of the content correct.5. Create (a) online and (b) local file versions of that interactive presentation file. (If you created the original in PowerPoint, you already have a “local file” version, and need to create an “online” version (can upload to either Google Slides or PowerPoint Online). If you created the original in Google Slides, you already have an “online” version and need to download a “local file” version.)6. Submit both (a) a working URL for your interactive online presentation or web site and (b) a stand alone presentation file in PowerPoint format (like a “butterfly.pptx” file).Technical RequirementsPresentation technical requirements are as follows:Presentation should have at least 8 slides with supportive graphics.Every slide should have at least one hyperlink on it that points to another slide. Do not rely on “auto-advance” that by default advances to the next slide with a click to any part of the screen. You must always use a hyperlink to move to another slide.All presentation slides should be reachable using hyperlinks from slide to slide.If working with Google Slides for your online version, make sure you get a shared read-only link, and shorten it using a URL shortening service like https://bitly.com.If working with Microsoft PowerPoint online, you may need to do the following:Presentation should be shared as both (a) online and (b) local file versions.Sign up for a free account and log in to https://onedrive.live.comOpen your Documents folderUpload your Ppt file.Open your online version of the uploaded Ppt file. Share your online Ppt file by (a) “Getting a link” that is (b) “view only” and (c) “shortened”. (Shorten the URL using any URL shortening service like https://bitly.com)In Blackboard, submit both your(A) shortened link to a read-only online presentation and(B) standalone local presentation file (like “filename.pptx”)