A: In 3 pages, In a managers’ meeting between the information technology administrator, the lead for the consultant group, and the dean of information technology, it is apparent that a review of the computer and network infrastructure has not been done for a year concerning the use of cryptography and distributed system authentication. The dean of IT has asked for a checklist provided to the university recommending the security hardware and software needed to secure organizational computer systems. The recommendation should include the correct cryptographic algorithms and devices that must be deployed to secure the organizational network. The checklist should address the following:
Hardware and software
Skill sets needed for the implementation of security and authentication mechanisms
Policies needed relative to encryption and decryption
Comparisons between cryptography, hashing, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, and public key infrastructure (PKI) Be sure to document your references using APA format.B: In 3 paragraphs,Part of the communication infrastructure used by the university is an 802.11g wireless network implemented throughout the university dorm rooms and library. Upon inspection by your consulting team, it is discovered that the wireless network is not secure and that data is being exchanged over the air without encryption. Research the latest technology for use with wireless encryption. Provide a memorandum to the dean of information technology addressing the needed for encryption within the wireless infrastructure and the types of wireless encryption that may be deployed to secure the wireless network and devices.Choose YOUR memorandum and Play the role of the dean of information, and ask the questions that the dean might ask regarding your memorandum and provide an answer.Be sure to document your references using APA format.