Assumptions and Obstacles – Guided Analysis Please select a text for deeper analysis. Some helpful resources include: Ad Flip’s print advertising archiveNew York Times editorialsArizona Republic editorialsSuper Bowl commercialsThe WordAfter you select your text, answer each of the following questions.Identify 1-2 assumptions that are present in the text.
Provide a clear description of what you see as an assumption and why
you’ve identified it as such. (Remember that assumptions are ideas one
takes for granted to be true but, upon closer inspection, are actually
untrue.)What blocks to critical thinking does the author set up as
obstacles for the reader? Provide specific examples and an explanation
of why you selected that particular block. (You might want to review the
Critical Thinking Blocks presentation.)Describe your own response to the text. What did you think
when you first viewed it? Using the information at the bottom of page 27
in your Think Critically textbook, identify at least one positive
critical thinking habit and discuss how you utilized this habit while
interacting with the text. Please be specific. Your work will be assessed on the following criteria: Criteria Max. Points available Content: The student identifies 1-2 assumptions found in the text along with a clear description of what was seen as well as specific examples of some blocks to critical thinking the author set up for the reader. He/she identifies and discusses which positive critical thinking habit was utilized and discussed how it helped with the analysis. All parts of the question were clearly addressed. 20 Application: In shaping the response, the student uses specific examples and applies vocabulary from the lesson by using many concepts from the text. 10 Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension. 5 Total Possible Points 35