A solutions that involve a different IT solutionDescribe the solutionDescribe the major benefits and the extent to which it solves the problems identified in Section IIIdentify the major cost elements and provide an estimated cost for the solutionDiscuss the general feasibility of the solution – whether or not it is feasible and the reasoning behind the statementsIdentify the top three risks (organizational, financial, IT, etc.)Describe the major defining issues – things that would make it a less desirable solution than the proposed solution, or, in the case of the proposed solution, why it is the best alternative in general.Next, compare the four alternatives using the following table and drawing the positive and negative aspects from the descriptions above.Provide a label for the table.The final step is to justify the selection of the system being proposed.Summarize the primary reasons to justify why this option was chosen over each of the other three options and how it is the best choice to address the business needs identified in Section II.Technical FeasibilityWhat assurance is there that the proposed system will perform the expected functions?How will the proposed system fit with other IT already in use; does it fit into the current IT architecture?How difficult will it be to implement the solution in the organization?How difficult will the technology be for the employees to learn to use?How difficult will it be for the organization to manage the proposed solution? Name of Alternative Positive Aspects Negative Aspects