Disability Simulation ReflectionWrite a reflection paper addressing your experience with the disability simulation in class and the questions posed for each exercise.Autism:•How did it feel to have so much commotion going on? Feel good•Did it make you want to scream or get away? Not one of these•Were you able to concentrate on the paragraph being read? Not that much •What might have helped?Communication disorders:•How does this compare to people with disabilities that allow them to talk but are difficult to understand?•Was it difficult to communicate using this method?•How can we communicate with someone who cannot talk back? •How can we help them communicate?Hearing impairments:•How did it feel to not be able to hear?•How successful were you at lip-reading?•What helped make lip-reading easier?•What does this show about lip-reading?Learning disabilities:•How did your brain want to read the colors? •What were the difficulties faced in deciphering the sentences?•Did being told to hurry help or make it harder? •What would have helped?Developmental delays:•What were the problems?•What would have helped?•How did it feel to have to complete an exam in German?•How did it feel to be told to “try harder?” Did it help you complete it better?•Who stopped trying when they saw what the test was?•How did you feel when you realized you didn’t find all the ‘f’s?•How would you feel if this happened to you all the time, every day?Physical disabilities:•How did it feel to be in a wheelchair? •What would have made it better?•Students in wheelchairs are often left out of games or PE or given the job of keeping score. Discuss how this would feel. What if you hate keeping score? •No one likes to be treated as if they are helpless. If you see someone in a wheelchair, don’t just do things for them. Ask if they want help first. •What problems would you have if you were in a wheelchair AND couldn’t use one of your hands?General:Do you know anyone with a disability? NoHow does it effect their life?