Kelly Blank RE: Discussion – Week 7COLLAPSEINITIAL POSTKelly BlankWeek 7 Engaging staff to participate in Quality measures is a great way to improve patient andstaff satisfaction (Laureate, 2012e). Frontline staff are the ones who are doing the work and whoare most engaged with the patients we care for. Patient satisfaction is focused on intenselywithin the hospital I currently work for, and we use the data collected from the HCHAPS surveyto identify areas of improvement or opportunities for change (Marquis & Houston, 2017). I chose to focus on the hospital in my hometown of Winona, Minnesota. Whencomparing to the other hospitals in the surrounding area (including the one I currently work forin LaCrosse, Wisconsin) Winona Health could benefit from focusing on the NurseCommunication section of the HCHAPS survey (Hospital compare, n.d.). One way to improvecommunication between patients and nursing staff is to be doing bedside shift report at allhandoffs to keep the patient better informed of the plan of care and also the allow them to askquestions about their care. ReferencesArroliga, A. C., Huber, C., Myers, J. D., Dieckert, J. P., & Wesson, D. (2014) Leadership inHealth Care for the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities. The American Journalof Medicine, 127 (3), 246-249.Find and compare information about Hospitals | Hospital Compare. (n.d.). Retrieved from…Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012e). Quality imperatives for organizationalleaders.Baltimore, MD: Author.Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2017). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing:Theory and application (9th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins