Be sure to watch the video provided before this exercisePlease do not plagiarism…Provide a comparative analysis of these artworks AND answer the questions that follow:William Morris, “Pimpernel Wallpaper” (1876, British Arts & Crafts Movement, block-printed, by hand, in distemper colors, on paper)CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. TO ZOOM IN- COMPARED / CONTRASTED TO… -Hector Guimard, “Cité entrance, Paris Métropolitain” (1900, French Art Nouveau, mass-manufactured cast iron)- QUESTIONS – In what ways are these works formally similar and different from each other? Remember that part of formal analysis includes a discussion of medium, or what materials and methods are used to make these art works.How do these works reflect the different ways that the Arts & Crafts Movement vs. Art Nouveau approached issues of Modernity, including industrialization, urbanization, and mechanization?How do these works intersect with or even attempt to shape larger issues of class/economic status and private/individual vs. public/mass access to the arts? Put another way, for whom were Morris and Guimard making these works and how did they intend for them to be used/experienced?