Be sure to watch the video and the reading provided before this exerciseplease do not plagiarism……One of the concepts introduced in this week’s materials was the “Femme Fatale”…Gustave Moreau, “The Apparition” (ca. 1876, French Symbolism, watercolor)CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. TO ZOOM INWhat a femme fatale? Provide a working definition in your own words.What kinds of historical references or figures from the past did 19th Century Western artists use as models for their femme fatales?Why were 19th Century Western artists so interested and invested in representing women in these particular ways? In what ways were they responding to changes in Modern society, gender dynamics, and the rise of the “New Woman” through these representations? How do their representations of femme fatales express fear and resistance to change while attempting to shape public opinion about empowered women? Which is your favorite representation of a femme fatale from this week? Are there any present-day representations of women that you think follow this same archetype of the femme fatale (can be from any medium…tv, movie, comics, ect)? Can you think of any that attempt to challenge or reclaim this figure?